14 Aug, 2014
Q: What is the scale of your model kits?
A: All current kits are in 1/56 (28mm) scale.

Q: What are these kits made of?
A: All kits are made in hard plastic and required assembly.

Q: What are included in each kit?
A: Most kits are 3 sprue plastic kits. Each comes with a 4-page assembly instruction and a waterslide decal. Average kit size is about 50 parts, including all variants and options.

Q: When are these kits available?
A: Our official launch date is sometime in October 2014. The initial launch will include SIX model kits – Panzer IV, Panzer III, M4A3 Sherman, T34/76, Panther D/A, and Panther G.

Q: How much does each cost?
A: Depending on the complexity of each kit, our Recommended Retail Price starts from from £18 / 23€ / US$30 / AUD33 (we are using the British Pound as our standard RRP, all other currencies are for references only due to exchange rate fluncations).

Q: How does your product compare to others?
A: We are both gamer and modeler ourselves, therefore we are taking extra steps to ensure our kits are highly detailed for the modeler, yet simple enough for the average gamer!

Q: How historically accurate are your kits?
A: We are not perfect, but we spend a great deal of time to check for historical accuracy for each kit. To make each kit multi-variant, sometimes there are trade off and compromises due to limited sprue size to fit all necessary parts. We tend to be fairly good at that!

Q: Do you have an online store?
A: No, not at this point. We work closely with regional distributors to handle sales and distribution. We would like to focus more on design and production, and work with partners and channels you already knew.  We support brick and mortar stores!

Q: Do you have an official forum?
A: Yes, we do. Here is the link: http://forum.rubiconmodels.com/index.php

Please be patient with us! Releasing a finished product takes a long time! From design to finish usually will take up to 3 months (usually we took less)… then followed by shipping and distribution!

We used this website and forum to showcase our concept, our design, and work-in-progress so that you know what we are doing! To release a quality product simply takes time! We never rush our releases. Please bear with us!