26 Dec, 2014
Product Update
Happy Boxing Day!  We are delighted to share our excitement with you all on our latest project - StuG III Ausf G !
Features include:
- Choice of Early / Mid / Late production
- Option to assemble vehicle as a StuH 42 with 105mm Howitzer
- Choice of the original trapezoid-shape mantlet or the Topfblende pot mantlet (often called Saukopf "Pig's head") gun mantlet with or without coaxial mount
- Detachable Schurzen (side armour)
- Optional rear stowage rack
- Optional spare road wheels
- Optional periscope
- 3 sprues / 54 parts
For more photos, please go to our official forum using the link below.  Please register as forum members as well (if you have not done so) , comments & feedback are most welcome!