14 Oct, 2014
With the launch of our website there seems to be more questions popping up on our Facebook page.  To clarify some frequently asked questions, please read the following:
Q: Why are there no distributor(s) in our region?
A: Not all regions have distributors.  Either they are not interested or we are still under negotiations.  If you think you knew some companies who are reputable and trustworthy, you can recommend them to us.  However, these companies must have existing distribution and dealer channels to begin with!  We are strong supporter of BRICK & MORTAR stores worldwide!

Q: Why are your product information not on your distributor websites?
A: It was our fault for not giving our distributors enough time and marketing material to update their website with our product information.  We understand they are on hand doing it now!
Q: When will the first six plastic kits be available?
A: Our internal schedule is to get everything ready by Oct 23.  We should be able to ship to all regional distributors after that.  All kits should be ready for sales by the end of this month!
Q: When will the Tiger I (280016) be available?
A: The Tiger I will be available on sales last week of November.  Distributors will be taking pre-orders.
Q: How much does each kit cost?
A: To make things easier for us, we will be using the British Pound (£) as our standard currency.  Recommended Retail Price (RRP) is now listed at the end of each Product Description.  A complete RRP listing can be found here: http://www.rubiconmodels.com/articles.php?i=13
Q: Do you sell direct?
A: No, we do not sell direct!  You must go through your regional distributor and her dealer channels.
Q: Do you have a web store?
A: No, we do not have a web store.
Q: What is included in each kit?
A: Each kit will include the corresponding sprues, a waterslide decal, and a 2-page assembly instruction sheet.  Before purchasing, you can review and download all instructions using the following link: http://forum.rubiconmodels.com/index.php?board=5.0
Q: What else I should know about?
A: We have an official forum (http://forum.rubiconmodels.com) that functions very differently from our Facebook page or our official website.  The forum is the only place where you can see our WIP projects (from start to prototyping), a wish list, general discussions, and to download our assembly guides.
Again, please bear with us!  We only have a handful of staff (five core members) working full time at our design studio.  Besides our regular customer projects, the Rubicon plastic kits had taken up all of our spare time!  From research to visualization, from 3D modeling to 3D prototyping, from quality control to commercial production, then there are the assembly instructions, the waterslide decals, the box art… plus the upkeep of our Facebook page, the website, the forum…  We think all these are worth our time!  To actually see our creation on the gaming table, assembled and painted!  Priceless!